Outdoor Sculpture


THE OUTDOOR SCULPTURE COLLECTION at Lehigh University spans three main campuses articulating and emphasizing the importance of visual literacy and environment at Lehigh. Its significance is embodied in the diversity of the artists, materials, and concepts represented. 

As a whole, the presence and accessibility of the outdoor sculpture collection throughout campus allows students, faculty, and visitors the ability to view works by artists like George Segal, Henry Moore, and Menashe Kadishman as part of their everyday activities.

LUAG would like to thank all the students, faculty, alumni, and friends who have helped make the collection possible. 

A project of Amy Hussey, Art 275


08F PC Sculpture Cerlulli sm1David Cerulli

In a State of Rejuvenescence
Asa Packer Campus:
Zoellner Arts Center


For more information on David Cerulli click here    



08F PC Sculpture Dugan smJay Dugan

Knowledge Ascending
Asa Packer Campus:
Packer Avenue


For more information on Jay Dugan click here   




08F PC Sculpture Indiana smRobert Indiana


Asa Packer Campus:

Campus Square


For more information on Robert Indiana click here  


08F PC Sculpture Johnson smJ. Seward Johnson

Between Classes
Asa Packer Campus:
Memorial Walkway


For more information on J. Seward Johnson click here  



08F PC Sculpture Kadishman 2smMenashe Kadishman

Sacrifice of Isaac 
Asa Packer Campus:

Taylor Street


For more information on Menashe Kadishman click here  



08F PC Sculpture Mendive 1 smManuel Mendive

Pavo Real
Asa Packer Campus:
Memorial Walkway


For more information on Manuel Mendive click here



08F PC Sculpture Mikolas smKarel Mikolas

Asa Packer
Asa Packer Campus:
Alumni Memorial Building


For more information on Karel Mikolas click here  




08F PC Sculpture Moore smHenry Moore

Large Totem Head
Asa Packer Campus:
Zoellner Arts Center  


For more information on Henry Moore click here   


08F PC Sculpture Segal 2smGeorge Segal

Woman on Park Bench
Asa Packer Campus:
Memorial Walkway


For more information on George Segal click here  



08F PC Sculpture Seiler smHerb Seiler

Seated Woman on Rock
Asa Packer Campus:
Memorial Walkway


For more information on Herb Seiler click here  


08F PC Sculpture Simons smHerbert Simon

Pyramid II
Asa Packer Campus:
Memorial Walkway


For more information on Herbert Simon click here  


08F PC Sculpture Tumarkin smIgael Tumarkin

Chichen Itza White
Mountaintop Campus


For more information on Igael Tumarkin click here  



08F PC Sculpture Unger 3 smMary-Ann Unger  

The Temple
Asa Packer Campus:

Packer Memorial Church 


For more information on Mary-Ann Unger click here   





George Segal: Woman on Park Bench, 1998. Sculpture Gardens, Memorial Walkway

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